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ALL NAMES Rita Effnert, who lives in Germany, has the 1871 Census Index for the Bourne and Grantham areas and has offered to make checks for anyone interested but please note that this is the index only but could still prove to be most useful. Rita Effnert
ABBOTT According to the 1881 census, Henry Abbott was born at Bourne [Leicestershire], circa 1851. He married Sarah and in 1881 they lived at Birmingham. If anyone is researching this surname please contact me. Any information gratefully received and all replies will be answered. Carol Graham
Oadby, Leicestershire
AINGER Emma Ainger emigrated to Australia sometime in the 1860s or 1870s. She gives her place of birth on her marriage certificate as Castle Bytham. Does anyone know if records would be available in the parish church relating to Emma or her family? Daryl Hodson
Yarck, Victoria, Australia
AINGER I am seeking information about the Ainger and Foster families. Francis Ainger, born in he Castle Bytham area in 1824, and his wife, Jane Foster, born near Swinstead in 1828, emigrated to Australia although I am unsure when. All information gratefully received and all messages will be answered. Noel Todd
Glen Oak, New South Wales, Australia
ANDREW I am researching the Andrew family from Deeping St James, near Bourne. My mother is Mollie Winn, born 1926, and my father's family, named Andrew, originated in the Peterborough area. I can trace my mother's line back to Deeping in 1605 but can get no further with my g-g-g-grandfather, Richard Andrew, born circa 1791, and died at Peterborough in 1846. My grandfather, J H Winn, also used to look after the water tower in Broadgate Lane, Deeping St James, and I am looking for a picture of it. Roger Andrew Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
ARCHER I am researching the history of the Archer family from Swayfield, near Bourne, and would be pleased to exchange information with anyone else interested in this name. I am especially interested in finding more about Ann Archer (nee Greer?) who was born circa 1770, widow of Thomas Archer. Ann was listed in the 1851 census as living at Swayfield, aged 81, so I expect that she would have lived there until her death and possibly be buried in the village churchyard. If anyone knows of the possible year of death it would be gratefully received. Tracy Cartland-Ward
Bracknell, Berkshire, England

I am researching the Arden family history and would be pleased to exchange information with anyone else interested in this name. My mother was Jean Arden and the Arden family have a long history associated with the villages around Bourne. 

Valerie Nourish Foston, Derbyshire, England
ATKINS Does anyone remember Ernest Atkins? He was the attendant at the Outdoor Swimming Pool in Bourne circa 1933 onwards and lived with his wife in Willoughby Road. I am trying to find out his wife's name and when they died. Also information about his brother Arthur Atkins. They were half brothers to my grandfather Lawrence Kettle. Can anyone help? Helen Howe
Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, England.

Information required about Charles Edward Auburn, born 17th December 1861, at Stotfold, Bedfordshire. Last definite sighting 1906. Cannot trace his death entry at the Public Records Office. The Auburn family has lived in the Stotfold area since the 1400s and the name Auburn comes from the Norman French, au brun meaning the brown one.

Mr Ron Auburn
38 Northfields, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 9DB, England
AUSTIN I am researching my g-g-g-g-grandfather Charles Henry Austin who was married to Jane Jones. They had a son on 5th February 1850. The address given is Frognall, Deeping St. James, near Bourne. I would be grateful for any information about their forebears or siblings. All messages answered. Barry James
Rainham, Kent, England
BAKER Edward Baker and Susan Sandal were married at Stainfield, near Bourne in 1847 and emigrated to LaGrange County, Indiana, USA with their two daughters in April 1850. Edward Baker was the son of Thomas and Mary Franks Baker and Susannah was the daughter of Robert and Eleanor Sandal. They were accompanied by Susan's sister Ann and her husband Thomas Wilson and their two daughters and the party arrived in New York the following May. Any information about these people and their relatives in the Bourne area will be most welcome. Joey Pedigo 
8809 Aaron Dr., OKC., Oklahoma 73132-1026, USA.
BALL  I am seeking information about living relatives or any history relating to the family of Temple Ball and Sarah Ann (née Pell), both born at Aslackby, near Bourne, he on the 30th August 1827 and she on the 27th September 1840. They were married at Aslackby on the 30th March 1859 and had five children before emigrating to Australia in 1871 aboard the clipper Queen of Nations, landing at Melbourne in June 1872. Sarah's parents were Joseph and Sarah Pell, he being born at Lenton on the 18th June 1809 while she was born at Rippingale on the 16th December 1807. Other members of the Pell family had migrated to Australia in the early 1850s. My great great grandfather was Jon who was five years old when he left England. He also married a Pell in Victoria, Australia as did my grandfather.  Ted Ball 
Shepparton, Victoria,
BALL I am Susan Mary Brown formerly Susan Mary Ball. My relatives on my father’s side were all born in Bourne. My father was Terence Ronald Ball (1936-1993) and his father was Wilfred Ball (1912-??). His father was Thomas William Ball (1877-??), butcher, and his father was William Shelstone Ball (1840-1901), printer. His father was Thomas Ball (1812-1882), printer and Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Other related names are Cox, Lunn and Jackson, all from Bourne. Susan Brown
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
BANKS I am seeking information about the Banks family. My fifth generation grandfather was William Ellis Banks, who was born at Dowsby on 25th December 1784 and died 10th May 1859 at Barkston, Lincolnshire. He had a son, also called William Ellis Banks, born at Dowsby on 7th July 1819. Steve Burkhart
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
BANKS I have traced my ancestors back to Robert Banks, born at Morton, near Bourne, in 1799, and would be interested to know if anyone out there has knowledge of any other Banks in the area or are researching any Banks family. Lindsay Banks
Peterborough,  England

This name is being researched by Malcolm Bannister who has traced ancestors back to Bourne in January 1819 when John Bannister married Mary Wallace. Their son Joseph was christened at Bourne on 29th August 1821 and later sailed for Australia aboard the ship Asia, arriving in 1853. Bannister is an old established name in Bourne, dating back to the 16th century, perhaps before. There are many buried in the town cemetery and the name recurs in the census returns of the town over the years.

Malcolm Bannister
Hazeldene, Trangie, NSW  2823,
BANNISTER I have traced my Bannister family back to John Bannister who married Mary Wallace at Bourne in 1819. Their son Joseph, baptised 29th August 1821, emigrated to Victoria, Australia, where he spent some years chasing gold on the Victorian goldfields, before finally settling at Moonambel. Any further information regarding John and his parents would be appreciated. Maree Luci
Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
BARFORD I have a copy of a letter dated 1872 or 1876 from a James Barford who was working as a labourer at Bourne. His brother John was employed by a Mr. Rutbard of Baston, near Bourne. James travelled to New Concord, Columbia County, New York, USA, and years later returned to England where he married Hannah Black (born 1829) and they had several children, Sarah Ann, born circa 1868, Frederick, birth date unknown, John and Richard, who were born in the US, dates unknown. Any information would be helpful. Jean Barford Valatie, New York, USA
BARKER I am trying to find details of Benjamin and Amelia Barker who are listed in the 1881 census as being tenants of Featherwell Farm which was between Edenham and Grimsthorpe, near Bourne. Does the farm still exist and what happened to them? All information will be gratefully received. Liz Barker
Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, England



I am trying to trace any relatives of Samuel Burkwood Barnard. He was known as Burkwood and was born at Gosberton, Lincolnshire, in September 1880. Burkwood's parents were Samuel Barnard, born at Gosberton (1853) and Ann Key, born at Martin, Lincolnshire (also in 1853). Burkwood had an older brother William Henry Barnard who was my grandfather, born Gosberton (1878), a younger brother George Obed Barnard, born at Kirkby Underwood (circa 1887) and three sisters all born at Kirkby Underwood, Mary Elizabeth (1883), Ruth Ann (1885) and Susan Caroline (1890). Burkwood emigrated to Canada with his wife (name unknown) about 1912-1913. I have photographs of all the family taken at Kirkby Underwood 1912-13. A descendant possibly in the army or air force, visited Boston, Lincolnshire, in the early 1990s. Any help in tracing descendants of Burkwood would be much appreciated John Barnard Nazeing, Essex, England
BARNES  My great-grandfather William Barnes was born at Billingborough on 1st February 1831 and I want to trace both ancestors and descendants, together with any brothers and sisters he may have had. Roger Barnes Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
BARNETT I am seeking information about my grandfather, Thomas Henry Barnett, who lived for a long period at Baston, near Bourne. He was born at South Ferriby in 1878 but moved to a house in Main Street Baston, with his family before the 1901 census. His father, Robert Greenfield Barnett, was the village policeman and the 1901 census records several brothers and sisters, Mary, Edith, Isabella, Robert, George, Martha, Winifred and Lancelot. It is thought that the family eventually moved to Bassingham. Thomas Barnett suffered a childhood accident and was blinded. I am anxious to trace any records from the village doctor or elsewhere. Vanessa Graham
Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
BARWELL My great grandmother, Charlotte Barwell, was born at Billingborough, near Bourne, in 1837. She married Allen Farmer Vince in 1869 and moved to London. She is recorded in the cencus returns for1841, 1851 and 1861 as living with her sisters, Mary (born 1833) and Ann(born 1835) and brother John Thomas (born 1842in the household of Thomas Everinghamfarmer of Folkingham Road. Her father was John Barwell (1810-45) and her mother Charlotte Clattercotes (1810-57). Mary Barwell can still be found living on the High Street, Billingborough in the censes returns for 1881 and1891. Any information about the Barwel or Clattercotes families would be very gratefully received. Irene Vince
Todmorden, Lancashire
BARWIS The Barwis family lived at Bourne, Market Deeping, and Aslackby. There were nine children born to the Rev Joseph and Bridget Barwis. They were: William Hodgeson Bowes Barwis (born Market Deeping 1792); Mary (born Market Deeping 1793); Joseph (born Market Deeping 1795); Elizabeth (born Market Deeping 1796, married Samuel Shaw at Stamford in 1840); Sarah (born Market Deeping 1798, married John Caswell at Bourne in 1829); George (born Aslackby 1802, married Sarah Cherrington at Woolwich in 1829); Hodgeson Thomas (born 1804, married Harriett Longland in 1837; Jane (born 1809); Martha (born 1813, died 1822, aged 11). Hodgeson and Harriett emigrated to Australia in 1851 with their four eldest children and lived at Kensington, Adelaide, where several more children were born. I am a direct descendant of their son, George Robert and his wife Jeanetta (Janet) Campbell (married at Gladstone, South Australia in 1879). Suzanne Bourne
Adelaide, South Australia
BASTON I am interested in finding out more about the origins of the name Baston relating to both family and the village near Bourne. All information will be welcome and all messages answered. Shirley Baston Pearson
Muncie, Indiana, USA
BAXTER I am trying to find any Baxters that may be related to James Cecil Baxter, born circa 1897, married Phoebe Lydia Pridmore at the Abbey Church, Bourne, on 4th December 1922. They lived at 3 Stanley Street, Bourne, until the late 1940s early 1950s. James' father was James Arthur Baxter, born 1877, married Eliza Wakefield, born 1876. They were married at Peterborough and may have lived at Newborough where Baxter's Bridge was built in connection with their farm. James A Baxter's father was Thomas Baxter, believed to be a butcher, and Eliza's father was Thomas Wakefield. I am James Cecil Baxter's grand-daughter and would like to hear from anyone who thinks they are related. Lesley Bunting
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England


BEASLEY I am seeking information about the Beasleys of Bourne. The line I have so far includes Charles Beasley, Rector of Haceby (died 1731), Richard Beasley of Sapperton Manor (1699-1768 or 1765), John Beasley (1729-1801), his children John (1749-1825), Charles, Thomas, and Rebecca, and Charles' children John (born about 1791) who lived in Dyke, Thomas (1797-1876), Robert, Rebecca, Mary, Elizabeth, and Fanny. Many of John's (1791) children moved to Australia, as did his brother, Thomas. Rohan Holloway
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
BEASLEY My mother was the granddaughter of John Beasley who came to Australia with his brothers and an uncle in 1852. I am seeking more information about the parents of these immigrants. Their father was also John Beasley and their mother's maiden name was Howitt but she was a widow, Mrs Brittain, when they married. Berice Jones
Camperdown, Victoria, Australia
BELCHER I am researching the family name of Belcher having traced it as far back as William Belcher who married Frances Inkley on 15th June 1813 at Bourne. William is shown in the 1841 census as being born outside of the county while Frances Inkley was baptised at Bourne on 31st January 1792. Both are buried at Morton. I am a descendant of their son, Samuel, who married Sarah Cotterell on 21st June 1841 at Dunsby, near Bourne. Other family names of interest are Raines, Walker, Sherwood, Smith, Watson and Dawson who all married siblings of Samuel or are parents of children who married them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. David Belcher
Cardiff, South Wales, UK
BELLAMY I am researching the name Bellamy in the Bourne area. My great grandfather, Henry James (Harry) Bellamy, was born there circa 1863 and by 1883 he was married in Peterborough. His wedding certificate says he was the son of William Bellamy and I have found a listing in the 1881 census for a Henry Bellamy, son of William and Mary Bellamy, whose ages fit. I also suspect that his parents are buried in Bourne. Any help appreciated. Robert Thorpe
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
BEND My fiancé who lives in Illinois, USA has traced his father's side of the family to Edenham, near Bourne in Lincolnshire. His parents were William and Sarah Bend who had 13 children, all christened at the village church in Edenham. They were Mary (13th June 1820), Lucy (19th August 1821), Thomas (21st September 1823), William (26th September 1824), Joseph (18th June 1826), Ann (4th May 1828), John (7th July 1829), Samuel (29th July 1832), Elizibeth (10th November 1833), Emma (17th April 1835), Ellen (17th February 1837), James (22nd July 1838) and Richard (29th May 1842). We know that some members of the Bend family moved to America but are not sure if it was William and Sarah with or without their children and we are keen to find any links to them that still exist in the Lincolnshire area. Jeanne Bollard
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.


BERRIDGE I am researching all the Berridge families who lived at Langtoft, near Bourne. An ancestor, Frederic Berridge, married and moved to Whaplode circa 1845 and then went to Australia in 1853. His parents were John and Mary Berridge. I would be most pleased to hear from anyone who has any information about them or any of their families. Thank you. Barbara Walker
Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia
BETTINSON My great grandmother was Lucy Ellen Bettinson, born Long Sutton in 1846. Her grandfather and great grandfather were from Flintham, Nottinghamshire. Any information will be appreciated. Francis Payne
Auckland, New Zealand
BINGHAM  I am seeking information on these families from the Deeping St James area, near Bourne.  Henry Bingham married Sarah Eyres on 10th October 1865. Henry's parents were Thomas Bingham and Mary Eldred. Sarah's parents were Joseph Eyres and Lucy Jeffries. All information gratefully received. Gillian Hall
Isle of Wight,
BINGHAM I am descended from the same Bingham family as Gillian Hall who has very kindly helped me with information in the past (Hi Gillian!). My g-g-g grandparents were William Bingham (baptised 1752) and Letitia Cummings (baptised 1754) and they married at Deeping St James, near Bourne (1775). One of their sons was Thomas Bingham who married Mary Eldred and were the parents of Gillian’s Henry Bingham. A sister to Thomas Bingham (therefore a daughter of William and Letitia) was Elizabeth Bingham (born 1778) who married Ambrose True in 1803 at Market Deeping, my g-g grandparents. Marcia McIntyre Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.  Australia
BIRD I am interested in Mark and Mary Bird whose children were all born at Foston, Lincolnshire, between 1820 and 1832. Both Mark and Mary died in 1834. Their children were George Kellam Bird, wheelwright, who died at Corby Glen, near Bourne, in 1885. Mark Bird, who died in 1901, aged 69, John Bird, who settled at Rotherham, Christopher Bird who settled in the Channel Islands, James Bird (who married Elizabeth), Catherine Bird who emigrated to New Zealand with her husband, Thomas Munton, later marrying William Musson. All replies answered. Cathy Roadhouse 
Perth, West Australia
BLAKE My grandfather Joseph James Blake was born in Eastgate, Bourne, on the 10th January 1895. His father was William Blake, a farm labourer, who married Annie Maria Andrew. Joseph later moved to Lincoln where he met and married Ada Watson on 1st July 1916 at St Swithin's Church. He was employed as a moulder and they initially lived at 42a Melville Street, Lincoln. I am trying to trace my paternal line and would be grateful for any information. Ray Blake
Nettleham, Lincoln, England.
BLANCHARD My maternal grandmother's grandfather, Thomas Blanchard, was born at Bourne in 1823 and his parents were William and Elizabeth Blanchard. He left Bourne sometime before 1851 and is listed as living in Crowland in that census. He then went to live in Peterborough, settling in Battersea in 1860 until his death in 1883. He was a journeyman blacksmith. I cannot locate Thomas in the 1841 census for Bourne but have found his parents, William (born about 1796) and his wife Elizabeth (born about 1786). Both were born in Lincolnshire and William was an agricultural labourer. Their address is listed as North Street. Elizabeth died in 1855. Catherine Hauck
Ottawa, Canada


BLAND The earliest recorded Blands in the village of Folkingham was the marriage of John Bland to Jane Woodcock on 25th October 1747. Their descendents stayed in the village for the following 100 years. John and his son William were blacksmiths. William married Mary Harrison (October 1796) and prior to his marriage, he had a son, also William, who carried on the family tradition, as did another son, also William, but this time in Billingborough. It is believed that the family may have lived at Quaintways in Folkingham; the evidence being that my great great grandfather carved his name on the brickwork of the building next door on 10th October 1826. Married Blands include Ward, Millson, Mackland, Baldwick, Low, Pauling, Green and Rimmington. If there are any local historians in Folkingham I would like to exchange information about my family's time in the village. John Bland
Spalding, Lincolnshire, England
BLAND I am seeking information about my great great great grandparents. They were John Parker and Elizabeth Bland, both born at Bourne circa 1820. They had four children, Leeson, Catherine, William and Mary. Any information about any of my ancestors would be greatly appreciated. Trish Hart
New Zealand
BLUNDY I am trying to find more information about my grandmother and her parents. Her name was Ann Blundy and she was born at Billingborough, near Bourne, in 1858. All emails will be answered. Averil Thomas
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
My ancestors all came from the state of Virginia, USA, but originated in either Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire, England, and spelled their name Bletsoe. Any information that anyone has about this surname would greatly be appreciated. Daniel Bledsoe
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
BONNETT I am researching the Bonnett family who lived at 3 Spencers Row, Morton, near Bourne, in 1891. Any information would be greatly appreciated and all messages will be answered. Jill Love
West Yorkshire, England
BOOTH Emma Booth was born at South Terrace, Bourne in 1850. Her birth certificated gives her parents as William Booth, a crofter, and Ann Lake. Emma married a Thomas Pickford at Stockport, Cheshire (1871). On the marriage certificate, William is entered as a farmer. The 1881 census shows William, a retired farmer, and Ann Booth, living at Spalding and he gives his birth place as Haconby and Ann as Frith Bank. Information about links with any of Emma's other relatives in the Bourne area would be most welcome. Jean Marsden Bramhall, Stockport, England
BOOTH My great great great great grandparents came from the Rippingale and Haconby areas around Bourne and the names I have are John William Exton and Mary Owens (my grandparents) born 1894 and 1897. John's parents were Robert Exton who married Emma Booth, born 1865 and 1869. His parents were Robert Exton and Sarah, maiden name unknown, born 1837 and 1833. Robert's parents were Thomas Exton who married Mary, maiden name unknown, born 1809 and 1803. Any connections would be appreciated. Deborah Clark-Patterson
Stanley, County Durham, England
BOURN I have been researching family history on my father's side of the family and am hoping to obtain further information. My great-grandfather was Charles Bourn who was born at Sutterton in 1852 and emigrated to the United States in 1872. His father was Thomas Bourn who was born in Lincolnshire in 1814 and his mother was Mary Patchitt who was born in Lincolnshire in 1816. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Cynthia Bourn Lewis
Madison, Alabama, USA
BOURNE I am seeking information about two Bourne brothers who may have emigrated to America sometime in the late 18th century. Their names were William and Stephan and each had sons also named William and Stephan with respective birth dates being circa 1743 and 1760. All messages will be gratefully received. Mark Bourne
Mooresburg, Tennessee, USA
BOURNE My father's name was Kenneth E Bourne and my uncle's name is DeWayne E Bourne and they were both raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Their father's name was George Everett Bourne, also born and raised in Nebraska. His family moved there from Indiana, USA. We do not know any history beyond that. Does anyone out there have any information? All messages will be answered. Eugene E Bourne
Sedona, Arizona. USA
BOURNE I am searching for the birthplace of my ancestor Owin Bourne (as spelled in records of colonial Virginia) who arrived in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, circa 1691 as an indentured servant. He died in 1704, leaving a widow, Hannah Burne, and four children: John, William, Anne and David who spelled their surname Bun. Their children subsequently spelled the family Bunn when they moved to Northhampton and Edgecombe Counties, North Carolina. Mike Bunn  Kissimmee, Florida, USA
BOURNE My grandfather was Edward Donald Bourne, born somewhere in England on 10th June between 1905 and 1910. Could it have been Bourne? My father was Ross Edward Bourne and I am Lonna Suzan Bourne (nee). Any information on my grandfather would be greatly appreciated. Lonna Bourne
Turkey Point, Ontario, Canada
BOURNE My great grandfather, Calli Bourne, sailed from England to Barbados and then moved to St Lucia where he set up in business which was destroyed in a fire in 1927. The family name was subsequently changed to Dujon but were these the first Bournes in the Caribbean? Any information or links would be greatly appreciated. Turks Dujon
Gros-Islet, St Lucia
BRACKENBURY I am researching the Brackenbury family and in particular the ten sons of Mr A Brackenbury who lived at Twenty, near Bourne, in the 1930s, Thomas, Edward, Frederick, Arthur, Charles, Henry, Victor, Harry, James and Anthony, who all served in the forces during World War II and all returned. I am Thomas's grandson. Jonathon Brackenbury
Boston, Lincolnshire, England
BRADFORD My fourth great grandfather, James Bradford, was born at Careby, near Bourne, on 8th September 1785 and died at Lenton in 1865. He married his first wife, Anne Williamson, at Lenton in 1813. I have information on the Bradford family but nothing concrete about Anne. It appears she may be the daughter of an Elizabeth Williamson from Rippingale. Yvonne Parker
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England
BRADFORD I am seeking information about John Bradford who was born at Creeton, near Bourne, in 1719 and who married Mary Perkins in 1744. I am particularly interested to know who were John's parents and their dates of birth, marriage and death. Sean Bradford
Hunton, North Yorkshire, England
BRADLEY I have an ancestor by the name of James Raynes Bradley who was born at Thringstone in Leicestershire on 18th March 1805 and died at Iowa, USA, in 1906. His wife was Jane Raines and they were married at Sempringham, near Bourne, on 15 October 1837. His father was William Bradley, dates unknown, and her father was Henry Raines, dates unknown. Can anyone help me in any way as to where William and Henry lived and their dates? Any assistance would be of great interest to me and my sister. Steve Burkey
Springfield, Missouri, USA
BRADSHAW I am researching my mother's family of Bradshaw and Dance, some of them originating in the Bourne area. Morley Edmund John Bradshaw (John) was born at Shoreditch, London, in 1827, a butcher who later worked in Eastgate, Bourne. He married Cornelia Dance, born at Bourne in 1846 and died there in 1875. They were married at Holborn, London, in 1870 and known children were John R Bradshaw (born 1867), Fanny (1867), Kate (1871), William (1872), Arthur (1873), Annie (1874, died the same year) and Amos (1876, died the same year). Previous ancestors were Morley's father, Morley Bradshaw, details unknown but he married Catherine Pawley, born at Thurlby, near Bourne, in 1792, at St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London, in 1824. Am seeking the connection between London and Lincolnshire. Sally Parsons
Newton Abbott, South Devon, England
BRANSTON I am seeking information about George Green Branston, my great, great grandfather, who was a miller/baker at Castle Bytham, near Bourne, in the mid 19th Century. I believe he was married to a Mary Minto and they had five daughters, Harriet, Mary-Anne, Maria, Elizabeth (my great grandmother) and Ursula. I do not know who his parents were but I believe he came from Rutland. Any information would be useful including the whereabouts of a mill. Jennie Dyke Warleggan, Cornwall, England
BRETT My grandfather's name was Robert Brett and he lived in Baston in the 1950s and 1960s. He had five children and their names were Ernest, Joseph, Muriel, Phyllis and Nell. Muriel and Phyllis came to live in Australia in the late 1950s. Nell was married to Glen with two children, one named Susan. My father Joe later moved to Bradford in Yorkshire. Any information please email Alan Brett. Alan Brett
Armadale, Perth, Western Australia.
BRICKLES I am researching my family tree and have discovered that my maternal great grandmother, Lydia Brickles, was born at Billingborough, near Boune, in 1870. I have traced the Brickles family back a further eight generations until the birth of Kellam Brickles in 1640. They were all born around Billingborough, Helpringham, Aswarby, Spanby and Ewerby Thorpe. Any information available on the Brickles family in the area and the occupations they followed would be greatly appreciated. Vicky Elliot
La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland


BRIGHTMAN My father's family originated in Bourne, having moved there from Morton about 1935. My grandparents were John and Hannah Brightman and my father was Arthur Brightman who moved to live in Salford when he married in 1940. His brothers and sisters were Frederick, John (Jack), Frances, Thomas and Madge. My great uncle Edward emigrated to North America in the early 1900's but I have been unable to trace him. I spent my school holidays in Bourne with my cousins and hope to be able to retire there one day. I think I may still have cousins living in the area but unfortunately we have lost touch and I would like to hear from anyone who knows any of my family members. Carol Myers
Birmingham, England.
BRIGHTMAN I am researching the ancestors of my great-great-great grandmother Elizabeth Brightman, born at Bourne in 1841. Her parents were Matthew and Phoebe (nee Hickson) and her siblings were Jane (1841-1937), John (1844-?), Thomas (1846-?) and Robert (1849-?). Phoebe married Charles Peach at Deeping St Nicholas in.1857 and had 12 children. If there are any descendants out there please get in touch. Alison Riches Abingon, Oxfordshire, England
I am trying to find the birth or christening date of my great-great-grandfather, Cuthbert Brumbley (Bromley), born circa 1800, and also who were his parents? His occupation was a cordwainer. He Married Elizabeth Scholfield at Whalley, Lancashire, and they settled at Burnley, Lancashire. Any help would be most appreciated. Elizabeth Pettifer
Malaga, Spain.
BRYAN My great great grandfather was Henry Bryan who lived at Northorpe, Thurlby, near Bourne, and is shown on the census returns from 1841 until he died in 1880. His son was Joseph Bryan (1834-1929), also lived of Thurlby, and was a master carpenter and joiner, who married Mary Stanton from Castle Bytham, near Bourne, in 1863. They had a son, John William Bryan (1876-1942) who was my grandfather, and in 1891 was described as a printer's apprentice but went on to become a sales director for the BSA company in Birmingham. Any information connecting with other family trees in the Bourne area would be most welcome. All messages will be answered. John Janes
Sidmouth, Devon, England


BRYANT I am researching the family of David Bryant and his wife Elizabeth (nee Harrison) who married at Spalding in 1883 and went to live in Haconby, near Bourne. I believe their children were George William and Florence Emma (my great-grandmother). They may have had two other daughters, Annie and Agnes. Any information on links to the Bryant family will be gratefully received. Judith Tabor
Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
BULL I am seeking any information about my great grandmother Sarah Bull who was born at Scottlethorpe, near Bourne, in 1843 and is named in the 1901 census as living at Essendine. Any information about this lady or her family will be most welcome. Also William Bull who was born at Leake, Lincolnshire, in 1840 and is listed in the 1881 census as living with his wife Sarah and children at Carlby, near Bourne. Any information prior to 1881 would be welcome, especially from the 1841-1851 census which gives his father's name or post 1881 information giving the whereabouts of his son Josiah. Ray Bull
Swansea, West Glamorgan, South Wales
BULLOCK William Bullock was born at Ridlington in Rutland during the 19th century and afterwards took a farm at Stow, near Bourne. He was a colourful character with memories of cock fighting and bull baiting at Stamford. He was also a parish constable but I do not know where, moving to Thorney in Cambridgeshire, in 1867 where he farmed some 400 acres at Knarr Fen and becoming the oldest tenant farmer on the Duke of Bedford's estate. Jeanette Bullock
Woodlands, Manitoba, Canada
I am researching the name of Burkett and its variant spellings, particularly the ancestors and descendants of James Burkett (born circa 1760) in Lincolnshire and who married Ann Brittlebank (born circa 1760) at Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, on the 12th May 1782. They had a daughter, Amaris Burkett, (baptised 7th October 1783) at Caythorpe. Amaris married Joseph Shaw at Newark, Nottinghamshire, on the 11th June 1810. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lee-anne Birthisel
Victoria, Australia
BURTON  I am currently researching the Burton family who lived at Billingborough from about the 1650s and am particularly anxious to learn more about the Joseph Burton mentioned in the Billingborough pages and who built Buckminster House in 1669. The Burtons and De Burtons seem to be one and the same, adding or omitting the "De" at will.

Mildred Travers 

Nicholls, Australian Capital.Territory,


de BURTON We are currently researching the de Burton family tree and know of their association with Billingborough House, near Bourne, and that several villas were owned by them in Bourne itself. A copy of the will of Albert de Burton indicates that Buckminster Hall (House) and estate existed. Any help would be appreciated. David de Burton
Reading, Berkshire, England
BUTTERFIELD I am interested in the Butterfield family who bequeathed the Butterfield Hospital to Bourne. My grandparents are Butterfields from Yorkshire which Joseph Butterfield and his family originated. Any information relating to him or his  family or names of trustees will be welcome. Jeanne Russell
Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
BUZZARD I am trying to contact anyone with this name who lives in or has connections with the Market Deeping area of Lincolnshire. My husband's great-grandmother was born in Market Deeping and her name appears in the 1881 census for Lenton, Nottingham, in which she is listed as being married to Alfred Perry. She was known as Fannie E Perry (née Buzzard) and her sister Florence Ann Buzzard was also listed as living with the family. Any information about these persons would be most helpful. Hilary Preston Pancrasweek, Devon, England.
CALTHROP I am researching the family of John Calthrop who married Sarah Ashley in 1853 at Stamford in Lincolnshire. I think he may have originated in Bourne. He was my great great grandfather and I am anxious to find out more about him and other members of his immediate family. All messages will be answered. Helen Morris
CANHAM I am researching my great great grandparents, Henry R F Canham and Emma Maria Canham,  of Bourne. I believe Henry was the curate of Dowsby, near Bourne circa 1900 and the last headmaster of the Old Grammar School in Bourne. The 1901 census tells me that Emma and some of their children were living in West Road, Bourne but there is no sign of Henry. Can anyone help in this search? I would love to know more about their lives and what they were like. Any information would be gratefully received. Angela Norman
Warminster, Wiltshire, England
CARTLEDGE I have found my great grandfather, Luke Cartledge, aged 9, on the 1861 census for Bourne living with his widowed mother Maria. He emigrated to the United States and when he died in 1931 his obituary said that he has many nieces and nephews in England. I am seeking contact with his English relatives. He had one sister Eliza who married Frederick Falkner in 1868 at the Bourne Independent Chapel and they had six daughters, according to the 1881 census. As the girls married and had children the Cartledge connection is not obvious, but I am hoping. See also FALKNER Charlotte Kibbie
Kent, Washington, USA


(or Caswell)
I am seeking information about my great great grandfather, John Casswell (or Caswell), who was born in Billingborough, near Bourne, about 1801. I know that he married Hannah Green at Billingborough on 14th July 1823 and that they subsequently settled at Metheringham. Their history in Metheringham is well documented through the census returns but I am unable to trace John's birth record and parents.Any clues as to John Casswell's origins would be much appreciated. Jane Casswell
Norwich, Norfolk, England


CHESHIRE My great great great great grandfather, Robert Cheshire (born at Whittlesey 1791), was a miller at Baston, near Bourne, according to the 1841 census. His wife was Elizabeth (born at Great Ponton 1803), and I am anxious to find out whether he worked at Hudson's Mill, Baston, or perhaps whether there was more than one mill in the village. Anyone with any information would be a great help. Nigel Cheshire
Swindon, Wiltshire, England
CHESTERFIELD Genealogy  has brought me to your web site looking for information on Chesterfields and learning about your part of the world. Any information will be welcome. Cheryl Sadler
Lockport, New York
CHRISTIAN I am descended from Robert Christian, an agricultural labourer who was born at Stamford circa 1803, and his wife Ann Hayes, born Thurlby circa 1815, who lived in Bourne and can be found in the census (1841-1881) with their family of eight children. They lived on Union Road and then West Street. Their daughter, Maria Christian (born 1855) is my great grandmother, and her older sister Annie came to the USA in 1871 to join their older brother John. Would anyone know the parentage of Robert Christian and Ann Hayes? I hope also to learn the dates of death of Ann Hayes Christian, possibly in 1877, and Robert Christian, possibly in 1882 and where they are buried. Would they have been able to afford a tombstone and would the dates still be legible? Ideally I would love a digital photo of each stone some day. Nancy Christian Davis
West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
CHRISTINA My great great grandparents, Ellen and Charles Christina, lived in Church Lane, Morton, near Bourne, in 1841 with their six children. Charles was a horse trainer and breaker. By 1851, Ellen and most of her children were living at Swinstead and Ellen was the innkeeper at the Windmill Inn. No sign of Charles. I am hoping that someone out there may have some information regarding this couple and Ellen's time as innkeeper at the Windmill. Julia, one of her daughters, went on to marry Edward Brittain, a butcher from Folkingham, near Bourne. Michael Chambers Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
CLARK (E) I believe my husband's grandfather originated in Bourne. He was Frank Christian Clark(e) and he was born in either 1883 or 1884. He moved to Edmonton, Middlesex, at some time before he married in 1910. Any help would be appreciated. Phyllis Clark
Worthing, West Sussex, England
CLARK John Clark was born in Aslackby, near Bourne, in November 1846. He and his wife Sarah had several children, mostly born at Silk Willoughby. Does anyone have access to records that can tell me more about my great great grandfather or his family? Ailia Ashworth
Southampton, England
CLIFF I am seeking information about Thomas Cliff or Sarah Audlin. Thomas Cliff was born at Old Lynn in 1801 and Sarah was born at Bristol in 1801 and they were married at Gedney parish church on 31st January 1825. They had two sons, Thomas and Henry, who served in the army during 1846, and a daughter Sophia. Sarah's brother William married Dinah Brightman Atkin in 1827. Any further names or dates will be most welcome. Kevin F  Roy
Oneida, New York, USA
COALES The Coales of Bourne are a branch of my family that has received little attention over the last 100 hundred years. My scraps of information all came from my grandmother's notes, made in the early 1900s. Now, in my seventies, I feel I must remedy this situation whilst memories are still fresh. I wonder if anyone has any connections with this family. Any help, however small, will be appreciated. Anthony Coales
Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
CODDINGTON Edward Coddington (1770-1840) married Elizabeth Harvey at Braceborough on the 22nd May 1800 and they settled in Langtoft where nine of their ten children were born. One of them, William (born 1806), married Betsy Brumly and in 1857 emigrated to Australia with nine of their 14 siblings. Another child was Thomas Coddington (born 1819) who married Sarah Butterworth at Moulton on the 27th March 1842. They had 10 children including Martha (1856-1937) who gave birth to George Coddington (1877) out of wedlock but three months later on the 6th March 1877 she married William Warne who was 40 years age and they lived all of their married life, as did Martha's parents, in a cottage almost opposite St Michael's Church at Langtoft. Any information about these names would be welcome. Peter Coddington
Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England.
COLBOURNE Seeking others of the same surname who believe they have links with Bourne. All messages will be answered. Trevor Colbourne Orpington, Kent, England
COLBY We are tracing the Colby family history and believe the first record of a Colby in Sempringham, near Bourne, is a deed dated 3rd February 1421-2 by which William Stanenstone of Pointon conveyed to John Oche and his wife Alice three selions of land in the fields west of Pointon, two of which parcels were bounded by William Colby. This William Colby was undoubtedly an ancestor of the Colbys who lived in the village of Pointon several generations later. I am especially interested in any Colbys who went to Ireland as my current research has a hit a brick wall there. I would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of both earlier or later generations of Colbys (and variants) to help my research. Maurice Clarke
Rugby, Warwickshire, England
COLEMAN I am currently seeking any information on the Coleman family. Elizabeth Coleman was born at Bourne in 1804 and married William Turner there in 1831. I have no more information on the family other than Elizabeth's declaration of Bourne on her birth certificate, all census returns and marriage certificate. Any help will be gratefully received. Angela Turner
Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
COLLS This was my father's family name. There were several brothers and sisters who were born at Bourne in the mid 1800s and by 1901 were all living at Rotherham, Yorkshire. They were Charles W Colls, born 1855 (my great great grandfather), Mary Colls (born 1859), Martha Colls, (1860), William R Colls or Richard William (1861) and Fanny Colls (1863). George William Colls, who was born at Stamford, Lincolnshire, on 1st June 1821 (married to Elizabeth from Sheerness), was their father. There was a tailor named George William Colls with a shop in St Paul's Street, Stamford, from 1850 to the 1870s. Was this the same man who had children in Bourne and why did they move to Rotherham in the 1870s? All information welcome and every message answered. Marilyn Lawton
South Yorkshire, England
COOK My husband's great great great grandparents were Henry and Catherine (Banks) Cook, married in Threekingham, near Bourne, on 23rd April 1809. Both died at Cawthorpe, Henry on 18th August 1837 and Catherine on 1st August 1839. Henry's burial was recorded at Ropsley where his age was given as 32, although his death certificate clearly shows he was 52 and this tallies with his birth at Ingoldsby in 1784. Catherine Banks was born in Lenton (or Lavington) in 1783 but I have not traced her burial although I have a copy of her death certificate. They appear to have moved around between Ropsley, Gosberton and eventually Cawthorpe during their married life. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have information about this couple which would help me in my research. Yvonne Parker
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England.


COOK My grandfather was Alfred Cook, born at Langtoft, near Bourne, in 1886, son of Robert and Eliza Cook, brother of Herbert, Rose, George, Robert, Thomas and William. I would like to hear from anyone who has connections with or is researching this family. Catherine Cole Lindal-in-Furness, Cumbria, England
COOTE I am a direct descendant of George Coote who married Bellina Crampton at Bourne in 1840. Any further information or links would be greatly appreciated and all messages answered. Neil Coote
Upminster, Essex, England
CORDON George Cordon was born circa 1803/06 at Edenham, near Bourne, and married a girl named Frances, born 1803-04. She may have been Frances Turner, born 29th July 1804, from Martin, Lindsey, Lincolnshire, but this is not proven. I would like to know which parishes are close to Edenham, such as Bourne, where I can search for a marriage between George and Frances, circa 1829. All other information would be gratefully received. Marita Schugk
Midvale, Utah, USA.
COWPER I am seeking information about Will Cowper or Cooper who was born circa 1710 and his son John Cooper. Any information would be gratefully received. Brian Cooper
CRAMPTON My great-great-great-grandfather William Crampton (born 1798 at Spalding to George Crampton and Ann Pickering) was married at the Wesleyan Chapel in Bourne on 20th May 1822 to Sarah Allen, born 20th Feb1802 at Bourne. Sarah's parents were Charles Allen and Sarah Musson who had married on 12th Jan 1801. William and Sarah's children were 1 George (born 1823, died before 1834), 2 Ann (Spalding 1824) 3 James (Spalding 1826) 4 William (1828 and christened at the Wesleyan Chapel 1829). William married Mary Anne Crampton at Pinchbeck, near Spalding. Mary Anne was the daughter of William Crampton, a fisherman, and Anne West. This meant that Mary Anne had a husband, father and father-in-law all called William. 5 Jane (Bourne 1831, married James Akred at Bourne 1858 died 1897) 6 Sarah (1832 died 1851 Bourne) 7 George (1835 Bourne married Morenda Hibbard died 1893) 8 Charles Allen (1837 Bourne married Martha Pilgrim 1860 at Holbeach died 1876) 9 Bellina (1840 Bourne married Charles Coote, Cook or Cooke).

Also see PULLING

E V (Tim) Crampton
Lake Tyers Beach, Victoria, Australia.
CRAMPTON Many of my ancestors come from Lincolnshire, including my great great grandfather, Daniel Crampton, born at Toft, near Bourne, in 1833. Any information welcome and all messages from interested researchers will be answered. Janet Crampton
Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada
CROFTS My great great great grandfather was Edward Crofts, born in Bourne circa 1836. His father was Israel Crofts, baptised on 19th May 1815, son of William Crofts and Catherine Farrant. William Crofts, son of John Crofts and Mary Smith, was baptised on 24th December 1786. I am seeking anyone who has connections with this family. The maiden name of William's grandmother was Harrison and this has appeared seveal times as a first or middle name in the Croft family. Sarah Wright
Norwich, Norfolk, England
CRONKSHAW Nathan Cronkshaw was Vicar of Witham-on-the-Hill, near Bourne, from 1708-27 after graduating from Oxford University and subsequently married his wife Elizabeth. He originally came from Padiham, Lancashire, son of Rob Cronkshaw. Nathan and Elizabeth had seven children, Nathan, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Susannah, Anna and Mary. Nathan junior had a daughter named Deborah from whom I descend but I have been unable to trace Deborah's mother. Nathan junior was still living at Witham in 1729, two years after his father's death. His daughter Deborah was married there in 1739 to Benjamin Claypoole (or Claypole) who is listed as the village schoolmaster. Any information on either of these two families would be most welcome. Sarah Seaton Nottingham, England
CUMBERWORTH Henry Searson Cumberworth married Elizabeth Morris in 1826. She was born at Bourne circa 1805, daughter of James and Mary Morris, and their children all lived in the area, at Spanby, near Sleaford, and at Dyke, near Bourne, according to the 1841 census. James and Mary are also buried in the churchyard at Bourne. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated and all messages will be answered. Norman Gidcumb
Bear Lake,
Michigan, USA


DAFF (also DAFT) My mother's maiden name was Daft as was her father's, Samuel Henry Daft, a brick and stone layer, born at Bingham, Nottinghamshire, in June1880. His father was Henry Daff (the name had then changed from Daft to Daff), born at Little Bytham circa 1840, also a brick and stone layer, who married Jane Caswell, from Blankney, Lincolnshire, in 1872, and then moved to Bingham. Henry's father was also a Henry Daff and Jane Caswell's father was Samuel Caswell. I have visited the area but could find no trace of any Daffs in the local graveyard although research indicates a number living there at some time. Any information gratefully received. Terence Burton
Nottingham, England


DALE My great grandmother was Mary Ann Dale, born around 1855. She married David Chesman in 1879 at Bourne. Before her marriage, Mary Ann lived at Aslackby and her father's name was Anthony Dale. I have a photograph of the house where they lived with "Manor House, Aslackby" printed on it. Any information on the Dales would be greatly appreciated and I would also like to make contact with any Dales who may still live in the area. Pat Edwards
Berwick, Victoria, Australia
DALLEYWATER I have located a number of people with the name Dalleywater or Dallywater in the Swinstead area, near Bourne, between 1700 and 1900, but am having difficulty putting together the links between them. My great grandfather and mother, Edward and Fanny Dalleywater, both born Swinstone circa 1845, and my grandfather, born Swinstead circa 1877. Any help would be much appreciated. Charles Dalleywater
Huntingdon, Cambridgshire, England
DAVIE James Davie was born at Newton by Folkingham, near Bourne, in 1778 and married Sarah Wilkinson at Ruskington in 1799. They had at least twelve children and lived much of their married life at Lenton where both were buried, James in 1838 and Sarah in 1865. My third great grandmother was their daughter, Sarah, who married John Bradford in 1843. I would appreciate contact from any of James and Sarah's descendants. I am particularly intrigued by the parish records which show a high proportion of Davie burials in the year 1841. James and Sarah appear to have lost four children (not infants), two daughters in law and two grandchildren, all in a short period of time. Yvonne Parker
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England


DAVIS I have recently moved to Bourne and have discovered that my great-grandparents were born in the vicinity. Their name was Davis née Dean and resided at Wycke Manor, Donington, between 1850-1900 and then left to live in London. I assume that they were farm labourers but can find no trace of them anywhere. I would be most grateful if anyone can supply us with any information about them. June Symons
Bourne, Lincolnshire
DAWSON I am seeking information about George Dawson, born circa 1819. He was married to Ann and died 1878 aged 59. They lived in the Horbling and Horncastle areas. All messages will be answered. April Durrant
Cromer, Norfolk, England

The Rev Thomas Deacon was assistant minister at Bourne Baptist Chapel for six years during the mid-19th century with special responsibility for outlying villages. He appeared to have a niece with him named Eliza Thorpe and perhaps a sister who was later known as Eliza Smith. Thomas subsequently sailed for Australia in 1850. I am a consultant theologian researching his life and would like any information about his activities in the area.

Rev Dr David Parker
Brisbane, Australia.
DENNIS My great grandfather was John Dennis, born at Sapperton, near Bourne, in 1847. He lived with his grandfather (also John Dennis) in the village but do not know the names of his parents. He married Mary Ann Lambley (1869) who came, I think, from Syston, near Grantham, Lincolnshire, and they moved to London some time between 1871 and 1881. I would be grateful to receive any information about the Dennis or Lambley families. Jackie Hibbert
Daventry, Northamptonshire, England
DEWEY I am searching for the family of John and Louisa Dewey who lived at 49, Woodview, Bourne. I am the daughter of Leslie Dewey who was one of 15 children born to my grandparents (10 boys and five girls), one of them, Reginald Dewey, served in the RAF during the war and was killed in action. The names of the children are William, John, Raymond, Leslie, Leonard, Arthur, Cecil, Geoffrey, Ronald. Rose, Gladys, Molly, Lilian, and Jean. All information welcomed. Ann Randall
Shilton, Warwickshire, England
My grandfather was Charles Dobney, born at Langtoft, near Bourne, in 1866 and died 1918, aged 51. He worked as a farm labourer and was married to Anna Morton on 28th September 1897. They were living at Rippingale Fen when he died. His parents  were John Dobney, born Langtoft in 1834, and Harriet (nee Bill). Both Charles and Anna were residing at Langtoft when they married. I hope that there are still some some Dobneys around Langtoft and perhaps they can recall my grandparents or other family members. If so, please get in touch.
Ann Issit
Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, England
DUNSBY My wife and I visited England for the first time in September, 2001. My mother's maiden name was Dunsby, she being among the very few so named in the USA. We deposited our small family tree in the public library at Bourne and took pictures during a two-day trip to Dunsby.  Our heritage stems from John Dunsby, born in England about 1808, and who emigrated to New York about 1830. We have not succeeded in bridging the Atlantic with his origins and any information would be welcome. Robert W. Becker
Reef Point Circle,
Webster, New York, USA
EAYRES I am trying to find out more about an ancestor of mine called George Hairs (aka Hare, Eyre, Ayers, etc) who married a Mary Fowler at Castle Bytham, near Bourne, on 23rd November 1787 and shortly afterwards moved to Market Deeping. Any information about George and Mary will be welcome. My research into the Eyres et al has taken me to Morton and Bourne and I would be very interested in exchanging information with anyone else who might have overlapping interests. Martin Eayrs
Lancaster, England


ELLIS My great uncle John William Ellis was killed on 23rd October 1914 whilst with the BEF in Belgium. His wife Lilly Ellis and their son George Ellis were at that time living in Grantham but by the 1920s they had moved to Bourne. I would be most grateful if anyone could tell me if John Ellis is commemorated on the Bourne war memorial and if there are any of his relatives still residing in Bourne, would they please also contact me. Nigel Atter
Oadby, Leicester
ELLIS I am trying to find any information about my great grandfather, John Robert Ellis. In the 1861 census. he is listed as being two years old and his address was the Black Swan, Bridge Foot, Market Deeping. His father, William Ellis, is listed as a salesman and farmer with 23 acres. I would also be interested to know if the Black Swan still exists. Karen Ellis
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
ELSOM I am researching the family tree on my mother's side and her maiden name was Elsom. The families came mainly from Rippingale and Morton, near Bourne, and I would like to hear from any descendants or from anybody with any information. Ann messages will be answered. John Ball
Belvedere, Kent, England
ELSOM My great great great great grandmother Abigail Elsom was born in Rippingale, near Bourne, in 1746. By 1770, she was living at Whitechapel in London where she married Thomas Noble. I am anxious to find out when she moved and whether her family went with her. I would also like to locate a copy of her birth certificate. Alan Noble
Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, England
EXTON I am seeking information about James Exton who was born at Bourne on 16th October 1816. Any information about family and descendants gratefully received and all emails will be answered.. Julie Connors
Brisbane, Australia
FALKNER My dad has traced our family back as far as Henry Falkner who married Mary Mason at Carlby, near Bourne, on 19th May 1713. Henry was buried at Carlby on 15th Sep 1736. Does anyone have any other information about this couple, especially dates of birth (or christenings) or even anything further back about their parents? If you do, that would be great. Liz Manning
Fleet, Hampshire, England
FALKNER I have found my great grandfather Luke Cartledge, age 9, and his sister Eliza, age 10, on the 1861 census in Bourne living with their widowed mother Maria. Lewis or Louis, as he was known in America, died in 1931 and his obituary said that he had many nieces and nephews in England. I am seeking contact with his English relatives and information regarding the family roots. His one sister (that I know of) Eliza, daughter of John Cartledge, married Frederick Falkner at the Bourne Independent Chapel in 1868 and according to the 1881 census they had six daughters. The girls, Charlotte ,Susan, Annie, Sushanna, Bertha and Elizabeth, married and had children and perhaps Frederick and Eliza Falkner had more children after 1881, including sons. See also CARTLEDGE Charlotte Kibbie
Kent, Washington, USA
FAULKNER  Ann Faulkner Hiles was my great, great, great grandmother. She was born at Carlby in 1790. Her parents were John and Mary Faulkner and I believe they were buried in St Stephen's churchyard. She married Richard Hiles on 14th November 1814. Richard served in the Napoleonic War after enlisting in about 1805. During this time he and Ann Faulkner met as they both were employed by Colonel Dencher. I am interested in finding any information relating to John and Mary Faulkner, their ancestors and family. 

John Hiles 
Avenida Cortez La Quinta 
California U S A

FISHER I am seeking information about the Fisher family of Deeping St James, near Bourne. My second great-grandfather, George Fisher, was born there in 1843. George married Caroline Pitts of Whaplode Drove, Lincolnshire. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Aaron Francey
Sydney, Australia


I am seeking information about Abraham Flatters, married to Ann, and who had a son named William, born December 1845  in or around Billinghay, near Bourne. 

Also see HESTER

Dave Flatters Castleford 

West Yorkshire England

FLATTERS Isaac Flatters was born circa 1850 at Bourne and died in 1928 at Grace City, North Dakota. He was the son of Isaac and Elizabeth Ann Flatters (nee Hydes) and married Isabell Carr in 1886. We are trying to find a birth date or any other information from Lincolnshire about Issac Flatters, the only record so far being that he was living with his cousin at Spitalgate in 1881. Isaac Flatters, senior, was born in 1805 at Langtoft, near Bourne, and died there in 1863. He was the son of Thomas Flatters and Elizabeth Barnsdale. All information gratefully received. Larrie Nelson
Backus, Minnesota, USA


FOLEY Sarah Sharman was born at Edenham, near Bourne, in 1859 and in 1896 married George William Foley, partner in the firm of agricultural engineers with his brother Ernest. The 1901 census shows George and Sarah Foley living in North Street, Bourne, but he died in 1903 aged 34. Does anyone have any definite details of the life or death of Sarah. She was my great grandfather's cousin and I would be most grateful for any further information about her. See also SHARMAN Robin Sharman
Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England



I have received an inquiry from Helen Fowler of Buddina, Queensland, Australia, asking about Joseph William Fowler and Louisa Fowler (née Minter). If anyone has any information about these people please let me know and I will forward any replies.

Don Fowler
Bourne, Lincolnshire, England.
FOWLER I am researching the Fowler family in the Bourne area, particularly from Deeping St. James, Market Deeping, West Deeping and Langtoft. Also the family of Matilda Reynolds who married John Fowler in 1849. Other family members were Edward and Mary Ann Fowler, married circa 1840, James and Mary Fowler, married circa 1812 and James and Margaret Fowler, married circa 1871. I am the granddaughter of Betsy Turner (formerly Fowler), daughter of Margaret and James Fowler who emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. Valerie Weinert Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
FOWLER I am researching the surname Fowler from the village of Langtoft, near Bourne, being descended from Edward Fowler who was born at Essendine in 1799 and his wife Jane Bromhead, born at Exton, Rutland, in 1802. They moved to Langtoft and started a family. I would like to exchange information with anyone who is researching the same name. Paul Smith Falmouth, Cornwall, England

I have recently discovered 18th and 19th century family connections with Bourne. In particular, an ancestor, William Fox, described as "a taylor", was born at Edenham in 1764 and his parents William Fox and Susannah Pulling were married there in 1754. Later, some of the family moved to Bourne.

Also see NICKELS

John Fox
Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England.
FRANKS  I am researching my family tree and have reached as far as my g-g-g-grandfather John Franks (born 1849) who was from Morton, near Bourne. He married Ann Franks from Dyke (born 1853) but I wish to trace her maiden name and any other details connected with this family. All information will be gratefully received.

Also see NEEDHAM

Nick Franks
 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
FREEMAN I am seeking information about the Freeman family who were farmers of Morton, near Bourne, from 1750. My grandfather, William Freeman (1889-1936), had to give up farming in the 1920s. He was then living at Hazeland House, Morton. Any information or memories gratefully received. Dennis Blount
Manchester, England
FRISBY George Frisby, from Baston, near Bourne, married Mary Anne Tomlin from Deeping St James and they had three children, Alfred Barton, Thomas George and Walter. George was a horse breaker/groom as was his son Thomas. Alfred worked as a farm labourer and was still in the area in 1901. Walter was a policeman and then went into the army and by 1901, was living at Blackburn where he was a recruiting officer for the Dragoon Guards. Thomas married Lily Mears and they went to Canada with eight children, the youngest was six months old when they arrived. Walter married Emma Mears and they appear to have also gone to Canada and died there. Lily and Thomas arrived in New York in 1907. Lily and Emma were sisters and my great aunts, Lily being 86 when she died and Emma 81. Frances Mears Whitsey
Bognor Regis, Sussex, England
FRISBY  I am researching my g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandmother Elizabeth Frisby who was born at Baston in 1744. She married John Wing at Castle Bytham in 1782 and they had several children and she died at Castle Bytham in 1820. If anyone is researching Elizabeth or any of the Wings I would love to hear from you.  Bonnie Simpson
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
FURNESS I am trying to trace William Thomas Furness who was born at Wilsthorpe, near Bourne, circa 1852, and died in the early 1900s. He is entered on the 1901 census but does not appear in any before then. He was my great grandfather. Terry Saxby
Lincoln, England
GAGE My grandfather, John Hughes David Gage, lived at the Austerby at Bourne in 1915 and worked as a sewing machine agent. He was married to Elizabeth Storey who was born at Swinstead. Their son, my uncle, John Joseph Gage, was born on 6th June 1915 at the Austerby in 1915. I would welcome any information about this family or hear from anyone else who is researching this name. Fran Asher
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
GARFOOT My grandfather was Henry Roberts Garfoot and he married Gladys Holmes and they lived and died at Morton, near Bourne. My late parents were Russell Glenville Garfoot and Erna Emma Gerda Garfoot (nee Zickert - German nationallity). I am seeking information about them, especially on my mother's side as I never knew my German relatives. Any information would be welcome and all messages answered. Vanessa Denning
Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
GILL My ancestor Cuthbert Gill is described as a "grocer of Bourne" when he married Eleanor Higgins at Kirkby Underwood church on 28th  September 1775. My
research has revealed that he was born in Helpringham and that his family had originated from Pinchbeck. The Higgins family had lived in the Kirkby Underwood area for many years and other associated names are Harwood, Codlin, Brittaine, Chapman and Faulkner. I would be delighted to exchange information with anyone else with an interest in these families.
Elizabeth Gill Melbourne, Australia
GLENDENING I am researching the Glendening family who lived at Bourne 1878-1892. During this time, Thomas Montague Glendening was the stationmaster and lived at the Red Hall with his wife Emma Sarah and their thirteen children, all born at Peterborough. I am interested in hearing from other Glendening researchers and to hear about further Bourne railway photos of this period (I have the CD-ROM A Portrait of Bourne), Bourne paintings with Glendening signatures (at least three of the immediate family were painters) and any photographs taken by Montague Glendening, the eldest son who was a photographer. Julie Wilkins
Mulbarton, Norwich, Norfolk
GLENN Henry Coupland, born Horbling (1821), married Sarah (1850) and died September 1901. They lived in High Street and in the 1901 census, he is described as postmaster/draper. Their children were Emma (Goy) (1851) who later lived at No 1 High Street, Billingborough, George (1852) who moved to Leicester, married Emmeline, eldest son George Henry (my grandfather), and Mary Ann (1857) who married William Watson in (1902). Henry’s brothers were George who married Phoebe, who later lived in the United States (possibly a second marriage), William who married Ann Clark and had a son also called William, a joiner, married to Harriet, and lived in Billingborough. Henry and his brothers were the sons of Thomas and Ann (Coupland). My mother, Ida Holt (née Glenn), aged 88, is the remaining Glenn from Henry’s line. She would like to find out more about the family and descendants of George, William, Emma Goy and Mary Ann Watson. Annie Holt 
GOODLEY I am trying to find more about the Goodley family who lived in Bourne. My grandfather, Hayden Charles Goodley, was born there in 1899 but he emigrated to the USA with his mother and sister after his parents divorced. I would like to find out more about my great grandfather, whether he later remarried and had any other children. Kristin Raskie
Moline, Illinois USA
GOUT I am a member of the Gout family of Bourne. My father was Denis Gout who was the undertaker for Sandall and Robinson into the late 1980s. I have researched the family back through East Lincolnshire to North Norfolk in the late 17th century. The Gouts of Bourne are related to the Gouts of Market Deeping and Peterborough. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any further information. Peter Gout
Thrapston, Northamptonshire, England
GRANGE The surnames of my parents are Grange and Kelby and members of both still live in the Morton and Bourne areas. Other names on either side were Kelk and Atkins. I have traced my family tree back five generations and have found them living at Bourne, Morton, Dyke, Dunsby and Ryhall. Any further information would be appreciated. Sam Grange-Hall
King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
GRAVES I am researching my g-g-grandmother, Georgeianna Graves/Greaves/Craves born on 1st May 1832, supposedly at Thurlby, near Bourne. She married a William Lamplough from Yorkshire and they had five children, George William, James, Mary Jane, Henry Julias and Francis Sidney, and ultimately emigrated to Iowa, USA, in 1880-1881 with three of them, Mary Jane, Henry and Francis. Any information would be helpful. A death register for George William Lamplough (17th October 1901) states that he was born at Louth, Lincolnshire, while other children that I have found were all born at Lambeth, Surrey. Lauren Walsh Perritt
Redwood City, California, USA


GREEN I am seeking information about my great grandfather, George Green, who was born at Bourne circa 1878. At some point he moved to Coventry where he married my great grandmother, Ada Taylor, and worked as a coal carter. I have looked for his birth certificate but am unsure which district Bourne comes under because there are several entries under the same name listed in the districts of Caistor, Boston, Holbeach and Spilsby. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help. All messages will be replied to. Emma Wilson
Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England
GREEN I am seeking information about Caroline Green who was born at Rippingale, near Bourne, circa 1834. Her father was John Green. I have ascertained that Caroline married John Marshall in 1858 and they lived at Kirkby Underwood, near Bourne. Any help will be welcome and all messages answered. Rebecca Condon Morton, Bourne, Lincolnshire, England.
GREEN I am interested in finding more about Eliza Green (born circa 1832), F Robert Green, a farmer, and Gwillim Austin Green (born circa 1823), at Aslackby. Eliza was married in 1867 at the Roman Catholic church  in Sculcoates, Hull.  Gwillim's relationship is uncertain but he may have been a brother and is named as a witness on Eliza's marriage certificate. Any further information would be welcome.

Mrs Pat Gleeson  Bradford
West Yorkshire

GRESSWELL I am seeking information concerning Charles Gresswell circa 1892. I believe he owned a coach company in Bourne or at nearby Billingborough village. Any information welcome and all messages answered. Judy Wright
Moulton, Lincolnshire, England
GRIFFIN I am seeking information relating to the family who were living in North Street during the 1851 census. Samuel and Ann Griffin had several sons including John (1846) who later moved to Stamford. Samuel worked as an ostler at the Angel Hotel. If you know anything of this family or any of the other Griffins from Bourne, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Mrs Rosemary Sampson
Newport, Shropshire, England

GRIFFIN My great great granndfather was John Griffin who was born at Bourne circa 1846 and married Elizabeth Griffin. I believe that his father was Samual W Griffin, an ostler who kept the Bull Inn in the Market Place (now the Burghley Arms), with his wife Ann, who is mentioned in the census of 1841. They had seven children, all born at Bourne, and any information about them and their descendants would be greatly appreciated. Jim Boam
York, England



I originate from Bourne but now live at Truro in Cornwall although the majority of my family still live in Bourne. I am currently tracing my family tree and would be grateful for any information that may be of assistance.

Catherine Grummitt
Truro, Cornwall, England.
GRUMMITT I am looking for help in tracing my family tree and hope that somebody in Bourne can assist. I know that my grandfather, William Dawson Grummitt was born in Hacconby on 19th January 1877 and that his parents were Harry Grummitt, a farmer, and Martha Ann Grummitt (formerly Brown). I believe that Harry was born around 1848 but at the moment I am unable to trace any of his antecedents so any assistance would be appreciated. Steve Grummitt
Tavistock, Devon, England
GRUMMITT I would like to make contact with anyone researching this surname from Morton or Haconby. Edmund Grummitt of Morton married Susannah Booth in 1837 at Haconby. Details of descendants would be most welcome. Phil Sherwood Weymouth, Dorset, England
GRUMMITT My connections with Bourne include Elizabeth Grummitt who married my great great great grandfather, George Hames, in 1841 at the Baptist Chapel in West Street. I am interested in connecting with others researching the Hames family from Spalding, Lincolnshire. Susan Fisher
Billericay, Essex, England
GRUNDY I am compiling my family history and have discovered that a Sophia Foster, born at Dowsby, near Bourne, in 1819, gave birth to a boy, William, in 1843. He was illegitimate although the father was named as William Grundy, a grocer, of  Bourne. The address on the birth certificate for the mother was given as the Mission House, Bourne. I was in Bourne recently but the library and local maps did not show a Mission House and I am seeking further information. Also, I am unable to find a William Grundy in the various searches and would like to know of any lists of tradesmen for Bourne around the 1840s. William McIntyre
Colchester, Essex, England

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