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THE BOURNE WEB SITE was launched in August 1998 for the purpose of disseminating information about the history and heritage of the town of Bourne, Lincolnshire, England, to a wider public.

The web site is a voluntary project administered and funded by Rex Needle, a retired journalist who has lived in the town since 1983, and has no commercial links and carries no advertising. We are not connected in any way with other web sites carrying the Bourne name or with any local authorities that administer the area although any material from those sources is included with their specific agreement, including the Bourne Coat of Arms that appears with the kind permission of Bourne Town Council and the new town sign which is included courtesy the Town Centre Management Partnership.

Subsequent developments to the web site involving visitor participation include sections for Friends of Bourne whereby townspeople and those who now live away, especially abroad, may keep in touch, and Family History which enables those compiling a family tree to contact others with similar interests.

We also have a mediated Forum that invites discussion on issues of the day, local, national and international, but participants must observe certain guidelines that are outlined on the Forum itself and not infringe the laws of libel and copyright.

In all cases, information, including email addresses, collected by this web site, is for the sole purpose of providing a greater understanding of the town and is not used for a secondary purpose or passed on to a third party.

We are also prepared to amend any statements made on this web site that are deemed to be untrue or unfair.


See also Bourne Forum hoster's privacy statement

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