- The market town of Bourne, Lincolnshire, England -





Bourne in 1920


A Portrait of Bourne (on CD-ROM) by Rex Needle (2001-12)
A Brief History of Bourne by Rex Needle (2012)
Brief Lives of Bourne People by Rex Needle (2010)
Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings - Landscapes and Legends
by Rex Needle with artist Alan Oliver (2009)
Tales of Bourne from Past Times by Rex Needle (2009)
The Bourne Chronicle by Rex Needle (2005)
The Bourne Internet web site edited by Rex Needle (1998-2012)
Glimpses of Bourne Past and Present - by Rex Needle
(monthly newsletter published October 2005-February 2007)
Walks Around Bourne by Bourne Civic Society (2001)
Historic Pictures of Bourne compiled by Michael McGregor (2000)
Raymond Mays of Bourne by Michael McGregor (1994)
History of the Bourne Players 1959 to 1989 (various authors)
A walk round guide to the Abbey Church by Jonathan Smith (1988 & 2006)
A History of Bourne Grammar School by J D Birkbeck (1986)
A History of Bourne by J D Birkbeck (1970 & 1976)
Bourne - A Photographic Reminiscence by Bourne Civic Society (1979)
The Story of the Abbey Church, Bourne, by C Pask Matthews (1946)
Methodist Memories by H A Sneath (1930)
Bourne and People Associated with Bourne by John T Swift (1925)
Highways and Byways in Lincolnshire by William Franklin Rawnsley (1914)
The Bourne Almanac published by John T Morris (1913)
Historic Bourne by Joseph J Davies (1909)
Jane Redmile of Dyke - a memorial sketch by Benjamin Wyles (1883)
Morris & Co's Commercial Directory and Gazetteer of Lincolnshire (1863)
The Hundred of Aveland by John Moore (1809)
The Beauty of Lincolnshire by John Britton (1807)

Photo presentations (on DVD) produced by Rex Needle – all one hour duration
except The Red Hall which is 30 minutes

Images of Bourne – a pictorial tour of the town (2009)
Bourne in Past Times – through early photographs (2009)
The Abbey Church – a pictorial history (2009)
The Red Hall - a history (2010)

Town and Residents' Guides for Bourne for the following years also comprise
editorial content and photographs by Rex Needle

2002     2004-05     2006-07     2008-09

Regular articles on subjects of historical interest by Rex Needle have been
published by The Local newspaper since 1999.

Booklets written by Rex Needle (2000-2012)

A history of Baldock’s Mill (1800-2003)
A Pickworth Diary - jottings of a young lady during the Great War
Bourne Castle – fact or fiction?
Bourne Conservation Area – an illustrated guide to all listed buildings in Bourne
Bourne and Doudeville - the story of our twinning
A history of Bourne Hospital (1915-2003)
Bourne House Hostel - memories of children in care (1957-85)
A history of the Bourne Institute and Bourne Rifle Range
Bourne Military Hospital 1914-18
Bourne’s Outdoor Swimming Pool – a short history
Bourne Public Library – a short history
A history of Bourne Town Cemetery
The Bourne Volunteers – a history of part time military service
Bourne workhouse - a history of social change 1836-2001
The story of Charles Worth and the Worth Gallery
Crime and Punishment – a short history of law and order in Bourne
Dad’s Army in Bourne – the Home Guard from 1940-45
Dyke Village – the quest for conservation
Dyke in 1965 - a reminiscence of times past
Early education in Bourne - the school log books from 1871-1990
The Eastgate plane crash of May 1941
Letters from the Front - Bourne boys write home during the Boer War of 1899-1902
Letters from the Trenches - Bourne boys write home during the Great War of 1914-18
A history of the Ostler Memorial Fountain and a biography of J L Ostler (1811-1859)
A life in practice - Dr John Alexander Galletly 1899-1993
Magic and make believe - the life and work of Alfred Stubley (1859-1932)
Two hundred years of Methodism in Bourne
Memories of a Bourne childhood 1905-1908 by Emma Hester Parker
The Red Hall - an architectural jewel
Robert Arthur Gardner (1850-1926)
A history of the temperance movement in Bourne
The Vestry Hall - history of a Victorian chapel
The Wheels Restoration Project at Baldock’s Mill during 2002-03

Substantial articles on Bourne are also included in various trade
directories published over the years. These include:

Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire - 1876, 1885, 1900, 1905, 1913, 1922, 1926, 1930,
1933 & 1937
White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Lincolnshire - 1826, 1842, 1856, 1872 & 1882
Pigot's Directory for Lincolnshire - 1835 & 1841
Slater's Directory for Lincolnshire 1850
Universal British Directory - 1793-98

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