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The Rotary Club of Bourne




The silver trophy inscribed "Presented by the Rotary Club of Bourne For Improvement to the Local Environment" has been awarded since 1981 and the recipients to date are:

Rotary rose bowl



Freemans Limited of Bourne


Graham Dear & Martin Jackson


South Kesteven District Council
1982 James Burrill & Douglas White
1983 Bourne Secondary Modern School
1984 Westfield Primary School
1985 Robert N Bailey & Walter Lyon
1986 David F Stevenson
1987 The Toft House Hotel
1988 Patricia J Coles
1989 Ann & Clifford Hirst
1990 The Bourne Pool Preservation Trust
1991 Delaine Coaches
1992 Dick Sellars and Cyril "Ching" Clay
1993 South Kesteven District Council
1994 Lincolnshire Trust for Nature Conservation
1995 Not awarded
1996 Warners (Midlands) plc
1997 S C Singleton
1998 Anglia Water Services Ltd & Bourne United Charities
1999 Not awarded
2000 Morton Millennium Project
2001 Baldock's Mill, Bourne Civic Society
2002 R Whittington, Abbey Lawns
2003 Joyce Stevenson Environmental Preservation
2004 Baldock's Mill, Bourne Civic Society
2005 Westfield Primary School
2006 Thurlby Youth Hostel

NOTE: Photo of rose bowl courtesy Jim Jones

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