A Portrait of Bourne



The Red Hall

Written, researched and photographed


Greatly revised and extended for 2013

"A modern Domesday Book of Bourne"
- Councillor Terl Bryant, chairman of South Kesteven District Council 2002-03.

"An astonishing and impressive work. A masterpiece." 
- Christian Worth, great great grandson of Charles Worth.


"This is perhaps the shape of local history records to come. It is certainly the
first effort I have seen at recording the history of a place in words and
pictures on a CD. The result here is so fantastically good that it is hard
to believe that any similar attempt for other places could be its superior."

- Raymond Carroll, Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, Spring 2006

A PORTRAIT OF BOURNE is available on CD-ROM, containing some 6,000 photographs and almost two million words of text, telling the history of the Lincolnshire market town and its people from the earliest times to the present day with descriptions of its world famous water supply, all listed buildings, the railways, road transport, public services, the role of the town council and other organisations and services, schools, churches and hospitals, and the various industries that sprang up over the centuries. It also contains 300 biographies and pen portraits of people connected with the town and the names of many more people who have played their part in various events. This is the largest archive of historical material from Bourne ever produced and is a must for all who are interested in the town.
The CD-ROM has been compiled in conjunction with this web site but contains a far greater wealth of detail and more photographs on all subjects than can be found here. This has become such a large undertaking that an alphabetical index has been added to the disc to make searching simpler.

These are some of the many subjects you will find in 

The influence of the Romans and the Danes, the Black Death and its effects
The coming of the Normans and the building of the abbey
Bourne's entry in the Domesday Book of 1086
Domesday Bourne and beyond - how the town developed
The Bourne Eau and St Peter's Pool
Population trends since 1380 and derivations of all street names
The great fire of 1605 and subsequent disasters by earthquake, fire and flood

Why and when Bourn became Bourne
Bourne from the air - stunning photographs
Bourne United Charities & Len Pick Trust
A history of the Bourne potteries
Trades and occupations in past times
Some early shops and trade advertisements
Bourne's old water mills
The Klondyke horse sanctuary
Bourne workhouse in Victorian times

Crime and punishment down the ages
Transportation to the colonies
The smallpox outbreak of 1893
A history of the Old Grammar School
The theatre in Bourne
The Emma Searson mystery
Bourne's water cress industry
How the Corn Exchange came to be built
Vandalism, litter and graffiti

A history of Bourne written in 1809 and various descriptions of Bourne from 1835 onwards
The earliest known view of Bourne showing North Street in 1790
Bourne's Conservation Area and listed buildings - all 71 are photographed and described
A history of the Abbey Church, the churchyard, the organ and bells
Bourne Castle - an appraisal of its existence and those who are reputed to have lived there
The evolution of agriculture in the Bourne area from Roman times to the present day
The drainage of the fens around Bourne
A history of the aerated water industry, Bourne's water supply and its use by local brewers
The story of Grimsthorpe Castle and the Willoughby family
Christmas celebrations in Bourne - past and present
Early days on the road - the turnpikes, stagecoaches and carriage wagons
The Red Hall - a pictorial history and an account of its place in the heritage of this town
First citizens of Bourne since 1899 from the first urban council chairman to the current mayor
Past incumbents of the Abbey Church from the 12th century to the present day
Bourne of yesteryear - a large collection of old photographs from the 19th and early 20th centuries
Memories of a Bourne childhood 1895-1908
The Cliffe shop fire (1898) and Meadowgate fire (1922)
A history and photographic record of the Hereward Labour Camp & Approved School
The Butterfield - a cottage hospital for the people of Bourne
The opening of the Bourne Institute in West Street
Bourne's lost cottages - picturesque old dwellings that have now been demolished
How the Darby and Joan Club came to be built - one woman's vision
The Hereward Lodge of Freemasons (1868)

The story of Charles Worth and the Charles Worth Gallery
The story of Raymond Mays and the BRM and the Raymond Mays Memorial Room
Prince Bira of Siam and his connection with Bourne
A pictorial history of the old Tudor Cinema in North Street, now a Chinese restaurant
Bourne's fire brigade - a history with photographs from the 19th century
The police presence in Bourne since the early 19th century - with photographs
Crime and punishment - law and order - transportation to the colonies
The coming of the railway to Bourne and its subsequent closure - with photographs
The Mallard steam locomotive record of 1938 with pictures
Sanitation in Bourne 100 years ago - a shock report on conditions from 1907
Opium addiction in the Bourne area during the 19th century
Bourne Wood - a history with photographs through the seasons
This mortal coil - sudden and bizarre deaths in the Bourne area
Strange but true - unusual tales from town and around
The Angel Hotel, its history and some of its colourful landlords
Public houses, inns, taverns and beer houses over the years
Bourne Town Band - the high and low notes of its existence
Royal occasions and cause for celebration
Histories of the Heritage Centre, the Charles Worth Gallery and Raymond Mays Memorial Room
The origins of Civic Sunday and the Civic Ball
A history of twinning with Doudeville in France
Histories of various sporting organisations including Bourne Cricket Club, Bourne Tennis Club,
    Bourne Town Football Club, Bourne Rugby Union Football Club, Bourne Town Bowls Club, Bourne
    Cycling Club, Bourne Hockey Club and Bourne Golf Club

Bourne at war

The English Civil War of 1642-49
The Napoleonic Wars of 1803-15
Lincolnshire Militia Lists for Bourne - 1824
Letters from the front written by Bourne soldiers serving in the Boer War of 1899-1902
The Great War of 1914-18 when Bourne received more than 900 wounded soldiers who were
     treated at a temporary military hospital
Letters from the trenches written by Bourne soldiers serving in the Great War
The Second World War of 1939-45
The War Memorial - a pictorial history together with the names of all who gave their lives
The Drill Hall in North Street, home of the Volunteers who preceded the Territorial Army
The Hull evacuees - 900 children given a safe haven

The Arnhem connection 1943-44
The Eastgate plane crash in 1941
The Home Guard 1939-45
The Girls' Training Corps 1943-45
HMS Beryl and HMS Polyanthus

The Civil Defence Corps
The Royal Observer Corps
The Royal British Legion
The Women's Royal Voluntary Service
Street parties in 1945

The Bourne Chronicle - significant dates and events through the centuries
The Bourne Diary - over 600 entries from November 1998 to 2011

Extracts and Bourne names from
The Universal British Directory for 1793-98
Pigot's Directory for Lincolnshire 1835     Slater's Directory of Lincolnshire 1850
Kelly's Lincolnshire Directories for 1876, 1900, 1905, 1922, 1933 & 1937  
White's Lincolnshire Directories for 1826, 1842, 1856, 1882 & 1892

Street maps, aerial photographs, social commentaries - all you will ever want to know about Bourne
PLUS pictorial histories of 60 surrounding villages and illustrated accounts of
Braceborough Spa     Folkingham House of Correction     Greatford Hall     Grimsthorpe Castle    
Hanthorpe House     Shillingthorpe Hall     Stow Green Fair

For a list of biographies on the CD see Prominent People




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