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THIS NEW BOOK by Rex Needle provides an introduction to our history, giving the story of the town's development from the earliest times together with descriptions of the important buildings such as the Abbey Church and the Red Hall, and institutions and organisations that have survived the years. These accounts embrace the growth of agriculture, religion, crime and education, the aerated water industry which became famous throughout the world and the arrival of the railways which brought a new prosperity. There are also short biographies of the people who lived here. Read more.

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THE ABBEY CHURCH is a pictorial history of the town's only Grade I listed building, founded as a monastic house in 1138 and now the parish church of St Peter and St Paul, better known as Bourne Abbey.  This presentation examines the work that has been done on the stonework over the years, the changes to the interior and provides a guided tour of the church as it is today. This DVD has been compiled, designed and produced by Rex Needle, running time is one hour, with musical accompaniment. Read more.



A FILM ON DVD specially produced to help our local organisations and a must for everyone who is interested in this historic market town. It contains a wealth of information about our past and many of the important people who lived here and has been produced by Helen Powell who provides the commentary. The film runs for 71 minutes with music accompaniment and features a fascinating glimpse of a leading artist at work on capturing one of our picturesque landmarks, Baldock's Mill in South Street. Read more.


BOURNE IN PAST TIMES is an evocation of yesteryear through the eyes of our local photographers who recorded people, places and events and whose work has been recovered and preserved. This DVD contains a collection old photographs showing the town as it was in the 19th and early 20th centuries and enables us see how much our streets and buildings have changed as well as recording some of the major events that influenced the community. The disc has been compiled and produced by Rex Needle, running time is one hour, with music accompaniment. Read more.


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STAMFORD, BOURNE AND THE DEEPINGS has been written by local historian Rex Needle and illustrated with a series of watercolours by the Rutland artist Alan Oliver. The result is this beautiful volume of almost 100 pages in full colour and printed on art paper to ensure that the paintings are shown to their full effect. Copies may now be obtained from selected retail outlets or by post direct from the publishers. Read more.


TALES OF BOURNE FROM PAST TIMES is a substantial work running to some 200 pages with 150 illustrations in colour and black and white, and deals with people, places, events, disasters and public services, as well as Bourne at war from the imperial conflicts of the Victorian age through to the two world wars of the last century. The author, local historian Rex Needle, intends it to be a serendipity of our history and heritage and although it can be read straight through from cover to cover by the dedicated reader, it can also be used for random selection or serene dipping, the reader knowing that whichever passage they choose will not affect the continuity and therefore spoil the enjoyment. Read more.

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BRIEF LIVES OF BOURNE PEOPLE - FIFTY BIOGRAPHIES OF THE GREAT AND THE GOOD by Rex Needle is about the men and women who helped shape the Bourne we know today, from the earliest times through to the present day. Many of those featured are known to us and many are not but all played their part in the life of this town in years gone by, from Hereward the Wake who flourished in the 12th century to one of our longest serving councillors, Marjorie Clark, who died in 2007. Read more.


A PORTRAIT OF BOURNE on CD-ROM, written and researched by Rex Needle, is the definitive history of this small market town with more than two million words of text and over 6,000 photographs chronicling its origins as a settlement to the present day, listing the places and the people and literally hundreds of them are mentioned here together with accounts of the progress of agriculture, religion, education, health, public services and buildings and for good measure, there are short illustrated histories of the surrounding 60 villages. See A Portrait of Bourne

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BUILDING A RAILWAY: BOURNE TO SAXBY is published jointly by the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology and the Lincoln Record Society and edited by Stewart Squires and Ken Hollamby. The book is a collection of photographs taken during the construction phase of the railway line from 1890-1893, juxtaposed with the same scenes taken in today's world. Full and extensive captions tell the story of the construction and detail the work of the men and machines involved. More details from the publisher's web site.

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BRM: A MECHANIC'S TALE by Dick Salmon is now available. Dick joined the company in 1951 and stayed with the team for seventeen years and his book tells the story of the people behind the motor racing success and brings together a remarkable collection of photographs and memorabilia. The book is published by Veloce Publishing and is obtainable, price 39.99 online from Veloce Publishing or from Dick Salmon at 58 Gladstone Street, Bourne PE10 9AX or email.


RAYMOND MAYS OF BOURNE was published in 1994 and is a photographic remembrance of the racing days of the man who became the driving force behind the ERA and BRM racing cars, compiled and published by Michael McGregor. These photographs were found in the attic of his lifetime home at Eastgate House, Bourne, after his death in 1980. The book is soft cover, A4 format, 56 pages in black and white, with a foreword by Peter Putterill, secretary of  Bourne Civic Society, and is priced at 6, available from the Heritage Centre at Baldock's Mill, Bourne, and from Walkers Books at 19 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE.

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TRIUMPH & TRAGEDY is the story of Sir John Black, the legend behind the Standard and post-war Triumph cars and written by his son, Nick Black. Sir John was managing director of the Standard Motor Company and post-war Triumph from 1933-54 and his story has a Bourne connection because he sponsored BRM through Raymond Mays, a friend for many years, and Standard subsequently built and equipped the workshops in Spalding Road. Ken Richardson, who was chief test driver for BRM, also went on to work for Sir John and ended up developing the legendary TR2 sports car. The book is priced 15 and copies are available from Walkers Books at 19 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE.


IMAGES OF BOURNE is a pictorial tour written and photographed by local historian Rex Needle, a description of the community which sprang up around an ancient spring and now has a population of 15,000. This DVD shows all of the main buildings, streets and places of interest while telling of its development through colour photographs taken by the author during the last decade including the 12th century Abbey Church, the Red Hall from 1605 and other listed buildings together with a glimpse of Bourne Wood. Designed and produced by the author, running time is one hour, with orchestral accompaniment. Read more.


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HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPHS of Bourne is a fascinating book by Dr Michael McGregor, a retired general practitioner, who has collected dozens of old photographs over the years from patients and friends to provide a glimpse of the town over the past 100 years and we are able to see how it has changed. Dr McGregor financed the printing of this book himself and all profits go to The Heritage Centre at Baldock's Mill in which he has a keen interest. The book costs 10 and can be obtained from the centre at weekends or from the local bookshop, Walkers at 19 North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9AE United Kingdom.


THE BOURNE CHRONICLE is an illustrated history of this town in dates and events compiled by local historian Rex Needle, from the earliest times to the present day with pen portraits of many people who have played their part in the life of the town and a description of how Bourne looks today. The book is now available from Walkers at 19 North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9AE and from the Heritage Centre in South Street, or you may use the society's postal application form. The cost is 5, all proceeds to the Civic Society.

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THE RED HALL is the most famous secular building in Bourne dating from 1605 but has a chequered history, once a  family residence and then the railway station booking office for almost a century. There have been attempts in recent years to have it pulled down but it has survived and is now owned and carefully preserved by Bourne United Charities. This photo presentation on DVD produced by Rex Needle tells the remarkable tale of its history, construction and some of its famous owners, not least the railway companies who did little to ensure its survival as steam locomotives and rolling stock rattled by daily. Read more.


BASTON THROUGH THE AGES is now available in colour in a durable spiral bound A5 publication of 90 pages and with glossy covers, priced at 10. The book ranges over 6,000 years of village history with individual reminiscences from the past 70 years. Details can be found on the village web site and for details of how to purchase a copy, please email one of the prime movers in this project, Peter Rayner of the Baston Environmental Group.


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Forgotten People by Barbara Cooper is the story of the villages of Careby, Holywell and Aunby, near Bourne, through 1,000 years of history. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and archived maps, paintings and documents, this is the culmination of almost three years of research and writing. The book also explores the story of ordinary men and women who have trudged through life and left their marks on the landscape. More information from Barbara's web site.


CARLBY THEN AND NOW is the new history of this village, four miles south west of Bourne, written and compiled by Ian Dair and containing many photographs from past and present times. Copies are available at 5 each from Ian at 32 Templeman Drive, Carlby, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 4NQ, telephone 01778 590525 or email.


RIPPINGALE VILLAGE has been compiled by two local ladies, Rosetta Atkinson and Pat Cottam, who have recorded the village history in words and pictures to celebrate the millennium and the result is this generous volume of 350 pages that is well bound and easy to read. It is more a social document than an official history, giving a taste of village life over the centuries with an abundance of photographs showing faces that have been familiar to the locality. The book costs 15 and copies can be obtained from Mrs R Atkinson at 2 Doctor's Lane, Rippingale, near Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0ST, telephone 01778 440678.


A PIECE OF THE PUZZLE traces the story of Witham-on-the-Hill, near Bourne, from the earliest times to the present day, and has now been issued in .pdf format on CD. The original book published in 2001 with a cover price of 9.99, sold out and this has been seen as a more viable option for the second edition. Copies are available at 6 each, plus 2 for p&p. The CD is compatible with any modern PC, Apple, Unix or Linus operating system, and can be read by either Adobe Reader or Apple Preview, both of which can be downloaded free. To order a copy, send a cheque for 8 payable to Witham-on-the-Hill Historical Society to Bantry House, Manthorpe, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 0JE with your name and address or you may collect a copy for 6 but please telephone 01778 590204 to arrange.


FROM LINCOLNSHIRE TO THE BUSH is a history of the Ball Family from Aslackby, near Bourne, and their Australian descendants, and is now available. It has been compiled by Ted Ball from Shepparton, Australia, and comprises a 430 page history of the family which originated with Temple Ball and his wife Sarah (ne Pell) who emigrated to Australia with five children in 1872. Ted has travelled to Lincolnshire on two occasions to gather material for the book which will be of interest to all connected with this family who are compiling their family trees. The price is about 28 plus postage from Family Publication, Ted Ball, 20 Davies Drive, East Shepparton, Victoria, Australia 3630 or by emailing Ted.

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